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Connectsmusic is pleased to share Filomena’s upcoming performance at the Pheasantry on July 17th. Expect to step into a magical musical journey with Filomena Campus as she unveils the captivating essence of the ‘Siren’s Song‘. Through a fusion of irony, masks, red noses, poetry, and improvisation, Campus draws you into the dreamy fairy world of Shakespeare’s Queen Mab, the mythical Janas creatures of Sardinian folk tales, and the irresistible Sirens’ voices in Homer’s Odyssey.









Advocating for the female side of jazz, Campus presents songs inspired by figures and characters from myths, fairy tales, and the world of theatre and performance that have influenced her work. These compositions include new pieces written in collaboration with pianist Steve Lodder and bass player Charlie Pyne, as well as arrangements of tunes from her repertoire and international collaborations. Additionally, she embarks on a solo vocal journey into Brazilian atmospheres.


Accompanied by Steve Lodder on piano, Rod Youngs on drums, and Charlie Pyne on double bass and contributing with her sophisticated vocal harmonies and improvisations, the quartet will take you on a passionate journey where music and improvisation intertwine with spoken word, poetry, and comic sketches. A contemporary jazz evening celebrating vocality, improvisation, joy, and playfulness.



Internationally renowned and award winning vocalist, lyricist, theatre director, academic, and radio presenter, Campus has recently received the honour of “Cavaliera” (Dame) of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. Her diverse influences range from literature, theatre, and art to the culture of her native Sardinia. Filomena has toured or collaborated with Orphy Robinson, Rowland Sutherland, Cleveland Watkiss, Steve Williamson, Huw Warren, Laura Cole, Byron Wallen, Jean Toussaint, Ruth Goller, Kenny Wheeler, Evan Parker, Nana Simopoulos, and the London Improvisers Orchestra, as well as with fellow Sardinian musicians Paolo Fresu, Gavino Murgia, and Antonello Salis. Filomena has performed at many jazz festivals worldwide, including in Germany, Italy, Jordan, Qatar, Morocco, Thailand, and Croatia.


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