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ConnectsMusic is pleased to once again feature Esther Weekes, a Flamenco Fusion artist and part of our musicians community. Esther is back with her new single, released March 22nd, 2024! ”Take It Slow” is her second release from her solo album ‘Lucky Eye’ being released in April.


Composed and produced by Esther Weekes and flamenco guitarist, Tino van der Sman, with string arrangements by Cuban composer Igmar Alderete, “Take It Slow” is a soul-stirring anthem that celebrates the strength found in gentleness.



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London born and bred, Esther launched her performance career in flamenco over 20 years ago when she moved to Seville. She has danced and sang throughout Spain and Europe, channelling the soul and mystery of flamenco through the ever changing phenomena of jazz and blues. “Take It Slow” is a mesmerizing musical journey inspired by the “alegrias” style of flamenco. From soulful vocals to intricate flamenco backing singing, the result is a sonic tapestry that captivates the senses and touches the heart. Igmar Alderete’s exquisite string arrangements add depth and emotion to “Take It Slow,” weaving seamlessly with Esther’s soulful vocals and Tino’s masterful instrumentation.


“At its core, ‘Take It Slow‘ is an ever unfolding message to myself to be gentle, embrace vulnerability and find courage in softness,” says Esther Weekes. “In a world that often equates strength with aggression, this song is a reminder that in order to bring out the magic, often a softer touch is more effective”.


The stunning yet simple video for “Take It Slow” was filmed on the beautiful island of Barbados by Bajan videographers Andre Alleyne and Andrew Jemmott, of Jemmott Enterprises, providing a captivating backdrop for the song’s poignant message. Rather than sun-kissed beaches and lush tropical scenery, the video takes us to another place, perfectly capturing the essence of the song’s theme, that of simplicity, inviting viewers to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the present moment.


Take It Slow” will be available on all major streaming platforms from 22nd March 2024, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. 

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