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She is a fascinating artist on stage and just a wonderful world of hybrid musicianship and I am here for it.

– China Moses, JazzFM


ConnectsMusic is thrilled to share Emily Saunder’s album celebration show, which is exclusively being presented by JazzFM, on Monday, June 24th at The Jazz Cafe Camden. Don’t miss this incredible night!


Just to double the excitement, tickets are just released, and using the unique code JAZZ, you can get them for FREE!




Jazz FM Presents: Emily Saunders




Hailing from London, raised in Brixton, Emily’s music has hit Top 10 in international iTunes and Amazon charts in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Indonesia. Her work has garnered multiple 4-star reviews from renowned publications such as: the Evening Standard, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Daily Telegraph. Her music has also received widespread radio play on numerous national stations across the globe, from the US and Japan, to Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa and more.



A prolific and supremely talented songwriter, Emily celebrates her most powerful work to date, the much-anticipated new album Moon Shifts Oceans – creating her heady mix: future-jazz inspired, melodic hooky basslines, riffs, edges of broken beat, and Brazilian-infused grooves. At the core of Emily’s music is her soaring, enchanting voice, which playfully dances over her infectious tunes and bold music-production, all with an irresistibly catchy pop sensibility – effortlessly weaving its way into the listener’s soul.


Listen to Emily’s single ‘Sideways’:


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