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She knows no limits! She’s the Queen of Jazz Fusion – A real powerhouse! No-one quite like her – she’s just carving out her own space.

— Simon Phillips (JazzFM)


Emily Saunders, celebrated for her soulful voice, innovative production, and profound lyrics, introduces her brand-new single, “Blue Skies Forever“, just released on June 14th.





Already heralded as epic, bursting with vibrant uplifting energy, its multi-layered voices, and spacial ethereal melodies fly over riffs and driving grooves, ‘Blue Skies Forever’ throws open the doors to sunshine, positivity, and love.


Emily’s works are celebrated for their innovation and emotional depth, and ‘Blue Skies Forever’ is no exception, delivering a powerful message through her signature sound. Creating a unique fusion, she brings an infectious energy and comforting richness to every note, seamlessly blending virtuosity and adventurous musicianship of the highest order.



Future-jazz and Brazilian-inspired, Saunders writes hooky basslines underpinning her riffs and grooves with an irresistibly catchy pop sensibility. At the core of ‘Blue Skies ForeverEmily’s soaring, enchanting voice, playfully dances over her infectious melodies and bold music-production, effortlessly weaving its way into the listener’s soul.


”Writing and producing music, creating its riffs, grooves, and a space for my voice and lyrics to fly means the world to me. Blue Skies Forever reaches for the blue skies that always exist above the clouds of everyday life, that despite the troubles in the world around us, hope rises in the human heart and connects us all… somehow and somewhere, the sun shines in blue skies. ‘Float flicker through the breeze, blue skies forever, light glistens on the seas, blue skies forever’… ‘we are all made from the same grain and sit below the same sun rays, return to dust when we’re done’ ” says Emily.




Hailing from London, raised in Brixton, Emily’s music has already made waves in the music industry, achieving Top 10 in international iTunes and Amazon charts in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Indonesia. Her work has garnered multiple 4-star reviews from renowned publications such as: the Evening Standard, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Daily Telegraph. Her music has also received widespread radio play on BBC Radio1, 2, 3, 4, 6, Jazz FM and numerous national stations across the globe, from the US and Japan, to Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa and more.

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