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Dana’s wide-ranging musical influences are evident through her own unique sound. Her vocal dexterity spaces the spectrum from deeply meditative to soaring, soulful resonant highs.

– Van Morrison


We are excited to share with you Dana Masters, an American soul and jazz vocalist who currently resides in Ireland, and her debut album “Real Good Mood,” launched at Pizza Express Jazz Club (Soho) on May 10th, 2024.


Listen to ‘Real Good Mood‘ here:



This is Dana’s first solo project since touring with Van Morrison as featured vocalist for 7 years. “Rising,” a song written and produced by Dana Masters and Cian Boylan, was one of the album’s first releases. Dana reflects:


Even if what I see with my eyes is a horrible day, the sun still rises and sets. The sun will still keep doing its job regardless of circumstance.  In order for our spirit to survive, in a soulful way – “Rising” is a reminder to us, living with this awareness, to respond intentionally: to magnify the joy in life and to create space and time to romanticise life. If you have to, create reasons to use the good China, to light the candles; our lives depend on it.



Dana says: “Our world is on fire. Global current events, devastating developments stripping humanity. It’s more important than ever that we don’t allow the pain and suffering of the world to be the sole narrative of our lives. There is heartbreak and injustice in abundance all around us but there is also good and generosity of spirit, and we must recommit to celebrating the small things, re-learn how to take joy and share that joy freely with ourselves, our people and our collective everyday.  [Even though, even still – I’m in a] Real Good Mood.”


Listen to ‘Rising’ here:


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