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Artistic Director of Europe’s finest female a cappella quintet, Shereece Storrod is opening the door for the next generation of music makers, leading a unique programme ‘Breaking Down Walls Through Bridging Barriers’ for those seeking careers in the music industry.  


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During the past 18 months, 12 young participants have learned and put into practice the essential creative disciplines in music production including writing, mixing and mastering. Almost half of those taking part in the North Birmingham-based project are female or non-binary.  


Throughout my entire musical career, I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with remarkable women and performed across the globe. I know that isn’t everyone’s experience. The UK music industry is renowned as a male dominated sector, with only 15% of PRS members being women, explains Shereece. It’s been important to me to present positive female role models for the next generation through the Bridging Barriers programme.


Grammy nominated Producer/Songwriter Hannah V; independent Singer-Songwriter, Producer and Activist Estée Blu; singer, songwriter & R&B producer Em-Cee, who has written for, produced or performed with various artists including Jessie J, Kylie Minogue, Roy Ayers, Basement Jaxx, Chaka Khan & Gary Barlow; and session musician Collette Williams, who has played for and alongside a host of professional musicians including Gabrielle Aplin, Kojo Samuel and George Shelley (Union J), have all delivered workshops as part of the industry programme.  


Attending Collette’s workshop definitely made me think about how many different roles I wanted to try and how I’d like to explore more parts of the industry. It’s been very inspiring because you can start to see yourself in their shoes and figure out what your next steps can be as they tell their stories, said Keziah Regent, 19.  


I grew up here. Shereece was my choir tutor. I hated school. I hated doing anything, but my Mum always used to say choir was the one thing I was excited for. Growing up around women like Shereece and other powerful women in the industry paves the way, makes you feel comfortable and lets you see how much you can actually achieve, said Lexi Pegg, 20.  


The group’s independently released album titled Foundations will be available for streaming on Soundcloud from 15th September. 


Watch behind the scenes:


Bridging Barriers at Grosvenor Road Studios_ behind-the-scenes


For more information, contact Shereece Storrod: bridgingbarriers23@gmail.com

Stream/download FOUNDATIONS: https://on.soundcloud.com/HyiFF 


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