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ConnectsMusic is beyond exited about and loving the new BBC Radio 3 show ‘Round Midnight‘ presented by British saxophonist Soweto Kinch.


Round Midnight’ adds an exciting weekday jazz focus to the station’s schedule, while Jazz Record Requests remains as a Sunday slot dedicated to the genre.Round Midnight’ features the best in jazz, with a particular focus on British artists (Mon-Fri, 23:30 – 00:30).


‘Round Midnight’ – named after the Thelonious Monk tune of the same name – will also feature live music, including studio sessions, performances from UK and international festivals and recordings from jazz clubs across the UK. On Friday nights, the show will become The ‘Round Midnight Jazz Club’, with guest artists curating the playlist and monthly live performances.


So far featured on the show has been Nubya Garcia, Amy Gadiaga, Zara McFarlane, Fergus McCreadie, Cassie Kinoshi, Jacqui Dankworth and there’s loads more to come!



Soweto Kinch, who will present some of the shows from his Birmingham studio, says: “The British Jazz scene is continuing to grow, especially with Ezra Collective winning this year’s Mercury Prize. I’m really excited to play the latest tracks from new and emergent musicians, as well as the heritage artists and works which inspired them. Jazz has become such an interconnected and global family, its tendrils reaching into new and often unpredictable places. I can’t wait to share some incredible music from around the world.”


Listen to available episodes here:





Sam Jackson, Controller of BBC Radio 3 and BBC Proms said:


Distinctiveness and ambition are at the heart of the new Radio 3 schedule, as we look to delight our existing audience whilst also offering a raft of programmes that give new listeners a reason to join us. Today, we cement our commitment to live music, and take the opportunity to tell powerful stories through the magical medium of radio. From Clemency Burton-Hill’s major series on the West Eastern Divan Orchestra, to Soweto Kinch’s nightly jazz programme, Radio 3 is offering a diverse range of programmes unlike anything available elsewhere. This new schedule, coupled with our forthcoming BBC Proms season which is shaping up to be one of our most ambitious yet, makes this an exciting time for music at the BBC.


‘Round Midnight’ will also reflect the rich history of the jazz genre, showcasing the best tracks from international artists and working with BBC Introducing to bring new talent to a wider audience.


Folded Wing founder and CEO Karen Pearson says:


We believe passionately that jazz is for everyone. So, we’ve planned a show that is a must-listen for dedicated jazz fans and is also welcoming and inclusive for anyone who wants to learn more. It’s a defining moment for the company, which started in my flat 17 years ago and has grown into one of the biggest producers of jazz content in the UK.

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