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We, like others in the UK and Australia, were devastated when we heard of Anita’s recent major stroke. On Friday March 22nd 2024, during the interval of a gig where she was performing near London, Anita felt dizzy and collapsed. She was rushed to hospital by fellow band mates, whose quick actions thankfully saved her life. After months of intensive care, Anita is finally recovering. Recovery is difficult and slow, with many months still ahead of it.



Although Anita’s spirits are at times pretty good considering what she has been through; she is, however, left in a difficult place financially. She will not be able to teach, perform or earn any money for quite some time.


We would like to encourage our community members to support Anita’s recovery, if they can.


You can donate here:




We hope this crowd funding appeal will help Anita have some kind of stability in the coming months while she recuperates (possibly with the help of carers when she eventually leaves hospital); and when she is able to travel, to fund her trip back to Australia to see her beloved mum.

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