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PHOTOS & WORDS: Tomorrow´s Warriors Winter Showcase at the Union Chapel

by Patricia Pascoal

Daylight Music presents Tomorrow´s Warriors Winter Showcase at the Union Chapel Report by Patricia Pascal (Photos & Words)

The Tomorow´s Warriors winter showcase is a must for everybody interested in witnessing the development of the Jazz future players in the London scene. Over the years, I’ve watched many TW showcases featuring a lot of the celebrated star musicians in the current jazz scene.

This year, at the beautiful Union Chapel as part of the Daylight Music sessions, a new crop of Warriors fearlessly stepped on stage showing us the work developed over the year, at the Southbank headquarters.

The performances started with Loucin Moskofian, beautifully playing the piano, singing meaningful messages, supported by her sister Lily Moskofian, on Flute. It’s clear Loucin´s Armenian heritage is a strong inspiration in her music. One of her powerful songs was called ‘Displaced’ and dedicated to the immigration trails on her own family.

Next, the TW Junior band featured Jazz talent aged 11-15, interpreting known Jazz standards. This ensemble has been an important starting point to a lot of young jazzers.

Another intimate performance came from Sultan Stevenson, a prominent pianist in the Warriors, accompanying powerful vocalist David Ljishakin.

There´s something wonderful and pleasing about listening to an orchestra in a church that immediately kicks us into the Christmas spirit. The newly-formed Tomorrow’s Warriors Soon Come Orchestra performed Duke Ellington’s “Nutcracker Suite” and was the perfect ending to a delightful afternoon.

Being a Warrior’s mum myself, I have been privileged to get a front seat to a lot of Warriors activities since 2012.
My story with the Warriors is very curious. Back in 99, during one of my trips to London, before I moved here in 2007, I ended up on a lunchtime session at Jazz cafe that happened to be one of Tomorrow´s Warriors Sunday’s jams. I was amazed by the fact that I could be in a packed Jazz club at midday watching a jam load with impressive, absolutely mind-blowing talent. I never experienced anything like that before. Since that day I have carried the dream of opening my Jazz club, featuring the unmissable Sunday noon jam. Upon my move to London when dealing with a restless junior musician at home, I was blessed to rediscover Tomorrow´s Warriors talent development program and have been connected with them since.

Watch out, the next generation is coming and with the exemplary mentorship of Tomorrow´s Warriors, the future of Jazz can be more balanced, diverse and accessible. Speaking from a personal extremely positive experience, I advise: Get your kid into Jazz and support the essential work done by Tomorrow´s Warriors (tomorrowswarriors.org).

For full details visit tomorrowswarriors.org

About Patrica Pascoal

Photographer and creator of JazzNewBlood: Promoter/Festival/Archive Nurturing Youth Jazz Talent 14-24yrs – this amazingly talented new generation of jazz players/bands, aged 14-24yrs, around the world with a focus on the UK and other European young talent. A yearly Festival series part of London Jazz Festival called jazznewbloodALIVE At Iklectik in London/Waterloo.


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