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Make the most of your profile!


A good quality photograph

As your profile picture is the first thing potential clients see when coming across your page, it needs to be eye-catching and informative. Perhaps a close up photo from a performance or a picture with your instrument. It’s an opportunity to show a true representation of you and your craft (landscape fits best).

A bold headline

Sum up your work in a snappy one-liner. You in a nutshell. Make sure to state everything you do!


This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your achievements and aspirations. Keep it concise, informative and in third person! Some important things to include when writing your bio are:
Skills: What are you bringing to your role as a musician?
Attributes: What factors make you good at what you do?
Accomplishments: What professional and personal goals have you reached? Have you received awards or glowing reviews?
Aspirations: What are you looking to achieve for in your career as musician?
Credentials: If applicable, where did you train? Where or whom have you previously worked for? Show off!


Reviews provide excellent weight to your description and are a great references for future bookers. We recommend providing a short quote along with the name of the publication or reviewer.

Video Clip

So that any one who comes across your profile gets an immediate feel for your music and craft, provide a video that showcases your talents in a live performance setting. One Youtube or Vimeo URL per line.

Contact information and social media links.

The MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL – your contact information. We recommend providing at least your professional email address and contact number.Plus remember this is a great place to display all your online content in one place so do link to your website and/or social media – it’s a useful way of further showcasing your talent and achievements.

Here to help!

Having a stand out profile is the key to making the most of JazzConnects. For any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact page on our website. To update your page click on top righthand yellow box ‘Your Connects Page’ or for a new profile click on link below:

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