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Celebrating 100 Years of Jazz in Britain in 2019, in particular the music of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and the Southern Syncopated Orchestra.

Reminiscing in 1934, British trombonist Lew Davis recalled that from the first note, the sound of the ODJB made him feel ‘strangely stirred and exhilarated’, pointing out that the typical English band in 1919 consisted of piano, violin, drums and two banjos.

It is hard to imagine in retrospect the impact of the sound of the ODJB had on British audiences, but perhaps this playlist, curated for the ‘Rhythm and Reaction’ exhibition in 2018, might help. It includes material from the banjo-based bands popular in Britain from prior to World War One, such as the Versatile Three, alongside some of the recordings that the ODJB made 100 years ago.


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a series of events celebrating 100 years of in Britain drawing on the research of Professor Catherine Tackley (University of Liverpool). Twitter || Facebook


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