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Zoe’s songs are a powerful collection with a strong narrative. The storytelling repertoire is engaging, atmospheric and the contemporary covers add to this adventurous blend, completing this unique storybook Zoë Gilby is a jazz inspired vocalist and songwriter, making a stunning impression on the music scene today. Her compelling originaL compositions are written with double bassist husband Andy Champion and performed with guitarist Mark Williams and drummer Richard Brown. Her stockpile of music reaches a wide range of more contemporary material from composers such as Pink Floyd to Kate Bush, with influences from Sheila Jordan and Joni Mitchell. Touring the UK and internationally, she continues to perform at prominent festivalsand venues.

“It is important to me that the audience have felt part of this experience. Each song has its own story to tell and I love it when the listener identifies with it, where they can even imagine being there. Audience members frequently comment on how much they enjoyed and appreciated my song introductions, giving an insight to the message and concept. Welcomed and invited in to explore the tale right from the very beginning”

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“Deserves wider recognition and a majorrecord deal. An excellent CD.” Courtney Pine BBC Radio 2“A mix of intelligent original songsand innovative arrangements of tunes by bothjazz and pop composers” THE JAZZ MANN“Spirited songs with a certain gritty personalitypoking through.” Marlbank

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Zoe Gilby
Way Down In The Hole
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Zoe Gilby
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