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Tom Dickson is a freelance drummer, pianist and composer based in London who runs his own band the ‘Entropy Collective’. He is involved in a variety of different projects such as small Jazz ensembles, Pop artist backing bands, solo Piano/Piano and Vocal duo’s as well as his electronic drum experiment Post Polar Bear.

Tom has a broad range of influences and is stylistically versatile: This is reflected by some of the projects he has been a part of. He graduated with a Masters Degree from the Royal Academy of Music, specialising as a Jazz Drummer and Pianist, and he is also the session and live drummer for artists such as Josie Proto, Joss Mogli, Toothbrush and J Rozzi amongst others. since studying for his BMus in Music at the University of Surrey, he has played on a variety of studio recordings, and continues to be in demand as a session musician both as a drummer and a pianist. Artists Tom has recorded with include Joss Mogli, J Rozzi, Nia, Ioan Hazel, Abdi Behravanfar, Men, by Women, both the University of Surrey Big Band and Gospel Choir as well as the film score for My Type by Doddi El-Gabry. Tom also performed regularly in various groups whist studying here, such as a quintet playing his own tunes and arrangements as well as the post-punk noise rock outfit Toothbrush in addition to being the pianist for the University Gospel Choir. Tom has also been described as a kind and experienced teacher, who “has the unusual ability to understand exactly what the student wants to achieve and what learning style would best suit them”. Tom teaches Drum and Piano lessons in addition to tutoring, and teaches all ages and abilities as well as specialising in Jazz improvisation. He is also a play and youth worker for various charities that provide services to young people with disabilities, and consequently holds an enhanced DBS check on the update service.
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