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World Jam Productions proposes a new event format that brings musicians, dancers and jazz lovers closer together to support our ultimate objective: generate and grow the awareness and passion for swing music and dance.

A single event gathering the top international swing bands and reward musicians for their important role in spreading the passion for Swing Jazz through healthy, fair and collaborative competition.

A platform to empower newcomer musicians and dancers and provide these “challengers” with the opportunity to access wide audiences and get recognition for their talent.

Provide Jazz lovers a unique experience, by bringing all the aspects of the Swing culture together and fomenting live music quality.

What believe in and why, they help us keep our hearts in the right place and remind us what is truly important. Have a look at them!

Can be applied to any single area and Swing & Jazz are no exception. Through The World Jam, we want to provide a different focus and support the stakeholders by pushing the limits of traditional swing events, though the education around this American heritage

While the event has a clear competitive edge, through multiple battles of the bands and dance competitions, we believe that competition can and must be collaborative, fair and respectful

Musicians and dancers should have equal opportunities to share and develop their talents as key contributions to the swing movement. While consolidated artists are in our hearts, we believe in creating a space for talent discovery. We call these folks “The Challengers”

Our goal is to create moments of inspiration and happiness through the universal language of music. A climate of union and collaboration that is needed today more than ever. A truly magical experience


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