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“Try imagining a place where it’s always safe and warm. Come in she said, I’ll give ya shelter from the storm.” Bob Dylan

The Tap and Barrel is a proper pub, just a hop and a skip from the old market place in the historic town of Pontefract, Yorkshire. We subscribe to the old maxim “Think Global, Act Local” and offer a wide range of good beer sourced from breweries just a few miles down the road to the best craft ales on the international market. We love local culture and the many events we host reflect that, but we welcome customers, musicians and folk with something to say from wherever they come from.

The pub itself is divided into two main rooms; a comfortable lounge with a bar, a book case and chairs by the real fire and an intimate candle-lit theatre space which hosts a wide range of entertainment.

The atmosphere is unique, timeless and designed to speak to our customers through all five senses, from the groovy sounds, to the smell of good incense and woodsmoke, from the art nouveau details on our exterior to the fresh flowers on our tables, the tasty beers and wines and of course a space to sit, stand, chill, converse and enjoy friendship.

We believe in tradition as well as vision and the pub as a focal point for community and family. We love history and at the same time embrace what’s coming next. We love music, good ale and a warm place to sit, think and join in with the simple pleasures.

The best pub in the world is the one that you like best. You can decide that for yourself of course. But if we might assist … Tap’in X


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