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The iconic Jacaranda is a landmark at the epicentre of Liverpool’s live music scene.
The venue that gave birth to The Beatles, The Jacaranda is built on a 60 year mission to offer a stage for new artists, hosting open-mic nights every Sunday and live bands most nights during the week from 7PM.
The entrance for the Jacaranda sits on Slater Street, with a ground floor bar serving a range of cocktails and hot drinks.
Above the ground floor sits The Jacaranda Record Store, a unique concept that combines vinyl, coffee and drinks. With vinyl record players sunk into the tables, you can experience a huge range of music whilst you enjoy a range of cocktails and hot drinks. Feel free to ask one of our team members if you want to use one.
The Jacaranda Record Store is also home to our 1948 Voice-o-graph recording machine that records tracks directly to vinyl. One of only a handful in the world open to the public, this unique piece of history encourages anyone to record onto the revived, physical medium of vinyl.
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