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Jazz in the UK is in rude health. The much-overlooked, even maligned sub-genre of Gypsy Jazz has been simmering along nicely for a while now; popular enough at weddings and vintagethemed events, but the music and players can cut it in any room, and there’s a cutting edge not many people get to hear. It warrants its place in the London sun.
The godfather Django Reinhardt began playing this music, since codified as Gypsy Jazz, with Stephane Grappelli in 1930s Paris. Always an absolute explorer, harmonically, rhythmically inventive, sophisticated and ahead of his time, Django is an idol whose legacy is more than imitation, noble pursuit though that may be. Artists like Biréli Lagrène, Angelo Debarre and the Selmer #607 collective have kept the fire burning, and added to it; and it’s caught here in the UK too. With pride we present to you the state of the art.

We have a large number of artists involved at several of London’s best loved venues and Jazz clubs. These artists include the wonderful headliners Robin Nolan, Noé Reinhardt, Daniel John Martin, Antoine Boyer and home grown London Django Collective. Some of the venues include Live at Zedel (Crazy Coqs), Vortex Jazz Club, Green Note and Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club and Kansas Smitty’s Jazz Club.


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