She started to play piano at age 7, with a liking for Bach, Shostakovich, Schubert and Takemitsu. She studied classical piano performance at University. On hearing Miles Davis her direction changed. Since moving to England she has been performing in the UK, Japan and Germany. She has released 4 albums, been played on BBC radio 3, Jazz FM and the other jazz radio stations. In the past she played at the Isle of Wight ‘Jazz Diva’ Festival, the Vortex and Ray’s Jazz. Recently she played at EFG London Jazz Festival (2017) and Aberjazz Festival, West Wales. (August 2018)

There is an atmospheric element which Japanese musicians inherently weave throughout their compositions, giving their music a singular dimension which is readily identifiable. Acknowledged for her trademark lyricism, pianist Taeko Kunishima reflects upon the wonders of nature on Iridescent Clouds, her latest album, “offering elegant improvised passages encased in a meditative concept.”

Iridescent Clouds : All about Jazz : 2016: James Nadal

This is carefully crafted, consistently beautiful music that has a way of getting under your skin and staying there, something that the intriguing and exotic instrumentation positively encourages.

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann)

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Jim Rattigan

Sep 28, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Andrew McCormack’s Graviton

Oct 22, 2021
  The Progress Theatre

Kidderminster Jazz Club – Roger Beaujolais

Oct 7, 2021
  Kidderminster Town Hall

Faye Patton Nu Jazz Quartet

Oct 16, 2021
  Toulouse Lautrec


Nov 9, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Wendy Kirkland & Pat Sprakes Sextet

Sep 26, 2021
  Preston Conservative Club

Ms Maurice

Sep 27, 2021
  The Cockpit

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