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Saint Andrew’s in the Square (SAINTS) has been sensitively transformed into an exciting new centre for performing arts and is widely considered to be an amazing achievement by Glasgow Building Preservation Trust and its Architects.

Heavy Victorian accretions were stripped away to return the church to its 18th century lightness of spirit. The existing floor of the church was excavated and a new undercroft created to provide space for a café bar, dressing rooms and toilets. This arrangement allows the integrity of the 18th century classical temple to be retained while it permits its functional use as a 21st century venue.

St Andrew’s Square is a model of new urbanistic practice and theory. The church has acted as a catalyst for local repairs and improvements within the city fabric of East Glasgow. Both the conservation of the church as an individual building and the square, as part of the city, are the successful result of an intricately planned co-ordination between many bodies such as designers, heritage institutions, users’ groups or developers.

The completed Center for Traditional Scottish Music, Song and Dance was opened to the public on St Andrew’s Day, 30th November 2000 and is now a thriving focus of activity in its new role as a performance venue.

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