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Definitely my favourite club to play outside London - wonderful house band and hugely appreciative audience. It’s really a place where you can ‘go for it’; I’ve been playing there for 20 years - long may it continue
John Etheridge


The Spin is a club that presents live music of the highest calibre within a broad ‘contemporary jazz’ genre. By this, we mean that whoever we put on will have an energy and spark that will be compelling to listen to – very much including to those who might have the view that they ‘don’t like jazz’! 
To illustrate the use of the word ‘broad’, here are some diverse things the club has put on:
David Binney; Jonathan Kreisberg; Miguel Zenon: all cutting edge New York players.
Accent: International (Take Six style) vocal group The Impossible Gentlemen: A-list international superstars: a band of gorgeousness. Gilad Atzmon & the Orient House Ensemble: Middle-Eastern/world music meld. John Etheridge: UK’s brilliant guitarist (who’s worked with all sorts from Stéphane Grappelli to John Williams). 
The gigs are presented in an informal ‘jazz club’ atmosphere: there are no ‘keep quiet during performances’ cards on the tables; we rely on the magnetism of the bands on the stage to demand the attention of the audience. 
In brief: we aim to create a scintillating night out for anybody with a taste for interesting, exciting, alluring and luscious music! 
The Spin is run by Pete Oxley in partnership with Stuart Miller.
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