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Sildajazz, Haugesund Int Jazz festival started in 1987. The first festival consisted with 4 band. In 2013 our goal is around 60 bands which is 10 less than 2012. Each evening we will have more than 25 clubs and concert halls with music. Concerts on the surrounding islands and a light house with spectacular scenery. A special program for more experimental and noise music called Frisild is also a part of the festival. In 2007 we started to produce concerts on our outdoor stage at the Town Hall Square. A festival art exhibition, festival market, children’s parade with 1000 kids and a second one which is Norway’s largest Street parade. Daily free concerts at the harbour side. The festival is held in week 32 every year The festival is a non-profit organisation with 2 persons working in the administration all year around. The program consist of both Norwegian artists as well as international artists. In 2012 there will be about 41% from abroad. We do also offer some commissioned works. A list with some of the more known artist we have been working with is enclosed as well as artist some artist for 2013.


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