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Saxophonist and composer Josephine Davies chose to name her trio after this Japanese Buddhist word due to its meaning of a moment of presence and clarity away from the clutter of thought. It resonates with the musical direction she is moving towards; simplicity of melody and harmony, looseness of structure, and freedom of expression. The band’s three albums are available here: https://josephinedavies.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-corners-of-clouds

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Definitely a band to watch ★★★★
(Downbeat Magazine)
Winning immediacy ★★★★
(Mojo Magazine)
Refreshingly imaginative and invigorating.
(All About Jazz)
This is jazz without a safety net.
(The Jazz Mann)
Elegant and mesmeric.
(All About Jazz)
Davies plants her feet and digs deep. Her tunes and solos have an introspective, mournful quality…that’s a style that stretches back to John Coltrane.

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