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Groove based contemporary jazz trio. 

Nic Saunders – Piano
Tim Cole – Bass
Simon Whittaker – Drums
Upbeat melodic tunes with fiery rhythms and earthy bass. Nic Saunders piano integrates with catchy hooks and soulful improvisations. 
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Groove is locked in and sounds like you guys are having fun.
Emmet Cohen

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RhythmEarth Electric Trio
The Wheel Turning King
Hey, check out our first single. Upbeat jazz grooves. Hope you like it.
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RhythmEarth Electric Trio
Pleased to announce our 3rd single 'Til Tomorrow is just released. Its a tune written in lockdown expressing hope for the future. It really helped us propel our direction and gave Simon a chance to explore some scintillating drum and bass style rhythms. Hope you enjoy!
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