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Welcome to Patterns Brighton, a safe space for Brighton’s underground club culture since 2015. Patterns has firmly established itself as a grassroots live music venue that punches above its weight. Built on the grounds of 10 Marine Parade on the former site of an art deco hotel, the building has a deeply ingrained musical heritage, including Ted Potters Music Bar and the infamous Escape Club.
With a hand-built DJ booth upstairs powered by a bespoke Ohm PA, the ground floor is a hangout of lush sound where you can knock back cocktails, craft beers and enjoy a varied programme of music and culture events.
The basement is designed purely for dancing and ‘lose yourself’ gig moments, with sonic experience at the top of the agenda. Patterns Brighton’s south-facing wood-decked terrace is built for sunshine and sipping. An urban oasis of tropical potted palms, bright pastel coloured furniture and upcycled oil drum tables, the elevated space boasts unrivalled sea views.,
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