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The Otranto Jazz Festival is a non-profit cultural organisation that was created in 2009. Its main aim is to support and to promote the identity and diversity of jazz music by hunting local young talents as weel as international names.
The Otranto Jazz Festival is an event created “for” and “by” the Salento region in order to take advantage of the tourism potential of the territory and to involve the public and the private institutions in the developpement of culture. It is an itinerant festival, so each day the concerts have place in a different city of the region, which allows the festival to get in touch with a large part of the population sharing with them the music of important national and international artists.
During de last five years the Otranto Jazz Festival has showcased international artists such as Garrison Fewell, Tina May, Jullian Arguelles, Jeremy Brown, Pete Churchill, Frank Harrison, Steve Keog, Eddie Gomez Quintet, Tuck & Patty, Elien Lazo Cuban European Band, Eleina Dennis Quartet, Noa, as well as italian artists like Gegé Telesforo, Bebo Ferra,, State of Tension with Mattia Cigalini, Rosario Bonaccorso Quartet, Fabrizio Bosso, Ada Montellanico, i Radiodervish, Bebo Ferra ed Andrea Dulbecco, Javier Girotto and many others!


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