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Mozg was established in 1994 with a main aim to promote contemporary arts as well as create a supportive environment for interested artists. Indeed, the people who are running the space are artists themselves. Artists are always chosen according to their artistic merit. Mozg is open to non-commercial art, art which does not necessarily follow the latest fashion. Mozg is closed for counterfeits and imitations, as long as they can be recognized. During the club’s seven-year existence, several hundred musicians, performers, visual artists and photographers from all over the world have presented their work here. A number of theatre productions and many film presentations have also been realised there.

Often there have been between one to four art events taking place every week in the space (concert, exhibition, performance). A major festival “Music from Mozg” was held in June 2000. The next festival is scheduled for November 2002. There are future plans to lower the frequency of events (especially concerts), due to lack of satisfactory interest of public in the more difficult music genders. A new initiative, “Academy of Mozg”, was created with the need to analyse and debate over different types of texts, written, spoken or other.

From April 2005 started THE ARTISTIC ASSOCIATION “MOZG” , which is responsible for a culture activity of the place.


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