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Mladí Ladí Jazz is an international jazz festival following the jazz music tradition in the Czech environment, aiming to revive and root again within the Czech society.

The main goal of the festival is to attract a young audience back to jazz music. Unfortunately, one of the reasons why young people do not listen to jazz is the price policy in the clubs, that are primarily dedicated to the tourist clientele. Therefore, the ticket prices and costs of drinks are usually well above the students’ budget.

Mladí Ladí Jazz also tries to diminish a widely spread opinion claiming jazz music is too complex and difficult to listen, so the young audience can barely understand or enjoy it. That is why the festival appeals to show the beauty and variety this kind of music has to offer.

In our opinion, these trends are vulnerably depleting the Prague’s music scene, causing luck of contact with the young generation, and at the end may even lead into the musicians’ discouragement.

The other important aspect of this project is to support the young interprets, who are invited and listed on the program of the festival. This enables them to present themselves to a wider audience, and at the same time it enriches the Czech culture with innovative and progressive music of jazz. The cornerstone of the support is the JazzFruit contest, that helps the young musicians financially so they are able to record their debut album in a studio.

Mladí Ladí Jazz is therefore not only a music festival, it is also an initiation aiming to support and spread the Jazz music within the Czech lands. Our goal is to engage the widest spectrum of young creative people into this project, and make Mladí Ladí Jazz a cultural contribution to the society.

Any support from the Jazz/music enthusiasts or people of a goodwill is more than welcome and appreciated!


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