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Once upon a time, in a year nobody can agree on, two musicians named Matt & Phred decided to open a Jazz Club. In 2010, some years after both musicians had left for pastures new, the Turner family took over the little back street Jazz Club and have been enjoying meeting musicians and guests from all over the world ever since.

The club has now firmly established itself as one of Manchester city-centre’s most dearly loved live music venues, with an emphasis on creating an atmosphere people from different backgrounds and ages can all enjoy as one. There’s been more than one night our favourite octogenarian has danced the night away amazing the younger crowd with her high flying kicks and splits!

Partying aside, what we are really most proud of is the plethora of outstanding musicians who have graced our little stage. I’m continuously in awe of the musicians as they effortlessly play throughout the night, mesmerising the audience and the M&P Team with their skilful art. Music runs through Manchester’s veins and we are lucky to work with a huge amount of musicians based in and around Manchester and the North West. Watching bands grow until they are too big for the club is bittersweet but it also gives up and coming musicians the chance to play at the club too. That’s something we are very passionate about.

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