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Mateusz Gaweda Trio is working together since 2014. The band has it’s own programme mostly written by Mateusz Gawêda, inspired by all music genres such as jazz from the 60., European music of the twentieth century and contemporary music. Words that describe the band’s music are: freshness, maturity, emotions, joy and darkness.

Back in 2016 the band released a debut album „Overnight Tales” which was and still is well received by the audience and critics (”Overnight Tales” was nominated to Fryderyki 2017 in category Jazz Music – Phonographic Debut of the Year). Since 2018, the trio has been giving concerts and presenting material from the latest album – „Falstart”. The band also releases albums in the vinyl version.

“[…] Gaweda managed in a relatively short span of time to establish a respectful position on the local Jazz scene, both as a musician / composer and a colorful personality, which is a magnet of attention. His unique music and performances as well as his flamboyant dress code and glitzy / ritzy looks create a figure, which might have just stepped out form a black & white Hollywood gangster movie, in the best meaning of the idiom of course: elegant, stylish, charismatic and unmistakably himself. […] Of course the music is still full of the typical Polish melancholy and lyricism, not only within the melodic themes, but in the entire sonic expression the trio creates. Introvert, reflective and mercilessly serious, the music is completely overwhelming and stunning, but as usual in such cases requires truly attentive listening and repeated listening to get to the true essence of it. Overall this is a brilliant and highly rewarding piece of complex, but elegant and awe-inspiring music, which truly expands the Jazz idiom and which deserves both praise and attention. It is also another milestone album on the Polish Audio Cave label, which in the last four years managed to release some of the best Polish Jazz albums, consistently maintaining the highest possible level of artistic achievement. Well done and hats off!”

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Mateusz Gawęda
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Mateusz Gawęda
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