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MJF is the first in the practice of the world jazz community annual year-round Festival-Contest which uses global communication capabilities of the Internet.

MJF is the International Festival-contest. The first season was attended by 270 talented improvisers from 41 countries of the world.

MJF is the conceptually new project. It is based on the principle of jam session. This is both a serious professional skills competition and festival.

Qualifying round is completely interactive and takes place in the Internet space. Members of the jury and the audience get acquainted with the participants on the project website.
Registration for participation in the Festival-contest is absolutely free of charge for musicians.

The final part goes live in “jazz” cities of the world. All the expenses associated with travel and accommodation of those participants, who passed to the final round, are covered by the festival organisers.

The first final of MJF will be held in Odessa (Ukraine) in June, 5-8, 2013,
in Odessa Academic Russian Theatre

This project is a new gift to all who love Jazz from the author and producer of the legendary “Odessa Jazz-Carnival” Mikhail Freidlin and the team of MJF creators.

MJF is based on jam session. Only individual musicians-improvisers are invited
to participate in it. Each competitive day unfamiliar musicians able to create spontaneously will be brought together in ensembles by drawing lots.
During competitive days of the final round, improvisers will be displaying their
improvisational and ensemble abilities in different jazz styles – swing, bebop, Latin
American jazz, jazz ballad, fusion, jazz rock, funk, and others. A single day will be dedicated to evaluation of the ability of competitors to create musical compositions in ensemble.

The Festival will be completed by a Gala-concert of the Festival-contest winners.
Eminent guests of the Festival will take part in the concert program. This day, Grand Prix Awards will be presented to the winner of the Contest.

The jury of the Festival will include leading jazz experts and educators, well-known
jazz musicians, famous lovers of jazz. Chairman of the jury is People’s Artist of Russia
Anatoly Kroll.

The international Organizing Committee and jury are composed of eminent jazz musicians, journalists, lovers of jazz – figures of politics and cinema. Chairman
of the Organizing Committee is a famous TV host Yelena Khanga.

MJF will be accompanied by TV and Internet broadcasts.

Mission of MJF is identifying the best improvising jazz artists and giving broad
public recognition of their talent, increasing the commercial value of the jazz “product” and spreading the idea of improvisation as an essential quality of contemporary thinking.
The goal of the project is attracting the interest of the international community
through the Internet and other mass-media to the Festival and professional jazz musicians participating in it.

Due to its specific cultural and creative mission, the project is actively being discussed
in social networks and on the pages of popular jazz Internet portals. The promise of a bright fest attracts attention of professionals and lovers of jazz from more than 100 countries of the world to the development of the project. After few months since the start
of the project the Internet round of MJF was attended by 270 musicians from 41 countries around the world.

For jazz improvisers MJF means:
– international creative exchange and impetus for artistic career;
– opportunity to get a monetary prize and be recorded in one of the world’s best
recording studios;
– concert tour in Europe for the winners;
– master classes by famous jazz performers, educators and experts in jazz;
– chance to get on TV, radio, advertising in mass-media and on major Internet
portals of the world – permanent partners of the Festival;
– new acquaintances, creative atmosphere;
– incomparable color of a city by the sea – Odessa.


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