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The International Centre for Nomadic Music (CIMN)
and the “Détours de Babel” Festival

Following on from 38e Rugissants and Grenoble Jazz Festival, Grenoble’s INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR NOMADIC MUSIC (CIMN – Centre International des Musiques Nomades) coordinates and produces creative residencies throughout the year as well ensuring their promotion and edition. It is also organizing an international festival devoted to contemporary world music every spring in Grenoble: the Détours de Babel or ‘Babel Detour’ Festival.

Not only does this festival encourage a mix of musical genres and categories, it inspires ‘cross-genre’ and ‘transcultural’ creations that reflect the social and cultural transformations of today and contribute to the ‘composite’ construction of tomorrow’s creations.

Each year a new theme will echoes the challenges of modern society enabling artistic confrontation and debate.

Encouraging a ‘transcultural’ approach to creation
The CIMN has developed the idea of ‘transculturality’ as a vector of musical innovation and creation, but also as a way of taking a sensitive look at the challenges our society faces today. This approach looks beyond the accepted notion of aesthetics to question modernity and innovation in music at a time when the ‘creolization’ of cultures has reached a global scale. Its key aim is to encourage transcultural initiatives through the artistic projects of musicians and composers who ‘smuggle’ from culture to culture. Mixes and hybrids, in the sense of ‘compositions that retain their integrity’ will drive the decisions based on these actions.

This festival will showcase a range of styles from contemporary western compositions to performances of the oral traditions of many non-western cultures and civilizations, it will invite major solo artists to give performances based on the oral characters of jazz, modern music and world music, it will develop cross-cultural ‘hybrid’ projects and musical and digital art… among other things!

CIMN selects and supports projects based on the level of risks taken by the creators and the uniqueness of their approach. Particular attention is paid to their ability to enrich or renew contemporary musical language and also their involvement in societal debates, the pertinence of their interrogation of the world and the links and the connections they make between aesthetic and cultural perspectives.

A new theme each year
By opening up to a wide range of musical forms and aesthetics, this event calls for a common theme to link the artistic proposals together. By adopting a coherent ‘editorial’ line with each festival, the artists address a common and key theme. The themes reflect the challenges of our globalized culture; they inspire debate and attempt to make sense of it in relation the big societal questions of identity, religion and politics.

Various creative projects will be developed around these editorial choices, as well as artistic residencies, receptions and complimentary actions to inform and raise awareness, educational projects, professional encounters and debates, film projections, exhibitions, and radio and television programs.

Welcoming ‘artists and/or associated groups’ and supporting young creation
More composers of contemporary and improvisational music will become involved in the projects with each new festival and each new theme. These artistic collaborations will fuel commissions for pieces, productions, creative residencies, master classes, pedagogical projects in connection with music schools and academies. CIMN productions are supported artistically with particular attention paid to the project’s gestation period and conditions. It targets both European and international audiences and is also available on CD, DVD and via digital means. Moreover, the CIMN organizes ‘chantiers’ (building sites) every year, which are in fact a call for projects aimed at young composers and musicians in Europe.

These projects are an integral part of the Detours de Babel program which encourages their performance at regional and national venues by inviting programmers and providing promotional documentation and videos.


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Mar 16, 2023
  Riverside Newcastle


Feb 22, 2023
  Alexandra Palace

Lisa T

Feb 16, 2023
  Night & Day Cafe

The Legacy of Fela Kuti

Dec 27, 2022
  The Jazz Cafe

Hoodie Allen

Feb 25, 2023
  The Mill


Apr 9, 2023
  The Glee Club Cardiff


Jan 24, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe

Agnes Nunes

Mar 19, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe

Troubadour Presents Fuzion ft The Yazatas + Faye Patton + The Only Remedy + Zarak and Blue Alchemy

Dec 22, 2022
  The Troubadour

Dirty Honey

Jan 24, 2023
  The Garage

Grace Campbell

Mar 11, 2023
  Alexandra Palace

Baco Exu do Blues

Apr 15, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe

Pierce the Veil

Dec 9, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham

Jocelyn Brown

Jan 20, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe

Nile Marr

Feb 3, 2023
  Night & Day Cafe

Manu Delago: Environ Me

Feb 5, 2023
  Bush Hall


Feb 4, 2023
  Riverside Newcastle

Late Night Jazz: ISQ

Dec 8, 2022
  Royal Albert Hall

Francis Dunnery

Jan 22, 2023
  Bush Hall

Gilles Peterson & Patrick Forges Dingwall Alldayer

Dec 11, 2022
  Lafayette, London

Black Belt Eagle Scout

Feb 24, 2023
  Night & Day

Ahmed Fakroun

Feb 19, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe

Those Damn Crows

Feb 19, 2023
  Riverside Newcastle


Dec 14, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham


Dec 10, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham

The Wurzels

Dec 14, 2022
  The Garage

The Real Frank Zappa

Jan 3, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe

Big Joanie

Jan 11, 2023
  The Garage

Music for Awhile – Candlelit Concert at Stapleford Granary

Dec 12, 2022
  Stapleford Granary Arts Centre

The Jordan

Mar 17, 2023
  Bush Hall

Robert Mitchell and True Think

Dec 14, 2022
  The Lescar Hotel


Dec 8, 2022
  Night & Day Cafe


Jan 15, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe


Dec 15, 2022

Death Cab For Cutie

Mar 29, 2023
  Royal Albert Hall

GOAT + Special Guest

Apr 16, 2023
  The Mill


Dec 8, 2022
  O2 Academy Birmingham

The Quireboys

May 18, 2023
  Night & Day Cafe


Dec 14, 2022
  The Jazz Cafe

GreenMatthews Gaudete – candlelit concert at Stapleford Granary

Dec 14, 2022
  Stapleford Granary Arts Centre

Nuadha Quartet & Hope Cramsie

Dec 17, 2022
  Llanwarne Village Hall

Global Soul Showcase

Mar 12, 2023
  The Jazz Cafe

Natasha Watts

Apr 7, 2023
  Bush Hall

Sleep Token

Jan 17, 2023
  O2 Academy Birmingham

Neil C. Young Trio

Dec 8, 2022
  Sunbird Records

Inside Out – Hannah Horton Quartet

Jan 18, 2023
  Pizza Express Jazz Club

Andy McKee

Dec 11, 2022
  Bush Hall

The Hermes Experiment & Shiva Feshareki

Jan 26, 2023

Lious Berry

Dec 20, 2022
  Night & Day Cafe


Apr 28, 2023
  Bush Hall
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