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Bass player, Guitar player, composer, art director and producer Krzysztof Majchrzak was born in Poland. Bass virtuoso, inventor of his own unique sounds, After a period of active participation in the creation of a new wave of Polish jazz, he has settled in France. His musical universe is at the crossroads of different musical cultures and different sources of inspiration from contemporary music through harmolodic to rock, jazz and ethnic music.

He took part in concerts organized by France Inter, Radio France Internationale and Europe1 , and even appeared in a TV5 Canadian TV show and in USA television program/podcast for PJJ-TV in Portland Majchrzak attaches great significance to improvisation, thus plays prepared bass, and often includes ethnic elements into his compositions. He’s been in constant search for original and unique sounds and has opposed the repeating of jazz patterns.
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Krzysztof Majchrzak plays so good that it’s difficult to find a reference in all Polish phonography. Some records with his participation I heard prove that it is great and excellent musician. “Jakub Herbst JAZZi MAGAZINE 

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