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Lived in Stockholm from 1981-1990 and studied with Alvaro Is Rojas (formerly with Josephine Baker,Grady Tate, Joe Farrell) and Ola Bengtson (head of Jazz Department, Stockholm Royal Academy).

Through 1990-1994 attended Berklee College of Music having partial scolarship ( graduated with Magna Cum Laude and won the Professional Performance Achievement Division Award) and studied guitar with Jon Damian (tutor for Bill Frisell, Wayne Krantz, Kurt Rosenwinkel) , and attended classes under the direction of Rick Peckham, Hal Crook, Fred Lipsius(Blood Sweat and Tears) as well as having external private lessons with Jerry Bergonzi.

Started working Professionally in 1983 and since then has performed across all genres (Pop,Rock,Blues,Jazz,Greek folk music) in Sweden, USA, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus and England, with numerous appearances in live music venues, on Greek national TV and international festivals.

Since 2003 he holds a MMus (Masters in Music Performance) through Leeds University.

Currently teaching as a principal lecturer on BA Jazz, BA Pop (principal studies, ensembles) at Leeds College of Music (2003-present). Many of his former students are pursuing a successful career within the UK music industry.

He has frequently performed all over England and Greece for the last 10 years, participating in tours and recordings as a leader and with world renowned artists David Liebman (2005,2010), Adam Nussbaum (2007,2010,2011) and with Greg Hutchinson (3 October 2015).

Latest projects is with George Kontrafouris and Adam Nussbaum, released internationally on FMR records.

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