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The Main Purpose of the Project

The propagation of jazz music to by bringing up young and gifted musicians giving them opportunity to play and create jazz music together with the professional musicians.


The festival is traditional. It will be organized for the 11‘th year. The event has gained a great respect among young musicians and their teachers.

The participation in the festival has become an aspiration for the young artists, as they get the opportunity to create together with the professionals – their teachers.

In such a way the suppositions for the perfection of young musicians are made and new talents are found.

All Jazzmen as well as Jazzwomen can take part in the Festival – competition since 2007. You are 99 years old? You play jazz? You are welcome!

Jazzmen play both vocal and instrumental jazz during the Festival.

The project is to be realised in 2 stages:

festival – competition and



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