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The Gyula Castle Theatre operates in the court of the only gothic brick fortress that has survived in Central-Europe. Between 1st July and 15th August the guests are entertained with the best performances of historical dramas, different forms of contemporary prosaic theatre, opera, operetta, ballet, mediaeval courtyard-music, jazz, puppet-show, classic-, folk-music and folk-dance in the summer theatre. Not only the court of the fortress is turned into a theatre, but programmes of great variety are available on the nearby lake-stage and on stages set up at different places in the town.

In every year, first two weeks of July here organise the international Shakespeare Festival since 2005.

The aim is to let the highest quality Shakespeare productions be performed in Gyula. Along with the Castle Theatre’s first own production, the best Hungarian speaking performances of the season and international applauted play from abroad are to be invited.

During the winter period the theatre wait for you in the intimate theatre which is available for 200 persons and where can enjoy theatre and artist performances, classic-, folk- and jazz, rock music concerts.


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