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George is a saxophonist, composer and improviser active in the UK’s contemporary jazz and free improvisation scenes.

George leads and writes for his working band Ideasthesia and co-leads experimental guitar/saxophone outfit Solmonath.

Hailing from Cambridgeshire, UK and now based in London, George is quickly making a name for himself as a prolific and reliable collaborator and sideman. [Jonno Gaze Quintet, Dreamscapes, Myra Brownbridge Quartet].

He can regularly be heard playing a diversity of music(s) around the UK, at venues including The Vortex, Cafe OTO, The Jazz Cafe, Oliver’s Jazz Bar, Birmingham Symphony Hall and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

Having developed an intricately personal voice as an altoist, George approaches the saxophone with a ‘free’ sensibility – embracing evocative cries, husky noise and dissonance in a variety of playing contexts.

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