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This fall, Festival Jazz International Rotterdam represents a significant number of bands and musicians from Scandinavia. The name The Nordic refers to the influence that Scandinavian music has on the international jazz scene and the collaborations that result from it. The festival presents many special examples at the end of October.

Enjoy the excited, stretched sounds and experimental, sometimes absurdistic and surrealistic music from Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Discover new sounds from England, the Netherlands, America and France and new compositions by the Rotterdam based bassist Thomas Pol, who is in this years young talent special ‘The Pack Project’.

The festival will be held on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October.

Friday 27 October – 19h00
Mathias Eick Quintet (Norway), Ellen Andrea Wang Trio (Norway), Strobes (England), Koeniverse 3 ft. Joris Roelofs (Nederland), Joost Lijbaart / Bram Stadhouders / Sanne Rambags (Netherlands), Ochsen (Netherlands)

Saturday 28 October – 18h00
Marquis Hill Blacktet (United States), Mats Eilertsen – Rubicon (Norway), The Pack Project met Thomas Pol (Netherlands), Koffie (Netherlands), Codarts Young Talent Bigband & Kathrine Windfeld (Netherlands/ Denmark), Alessandro Fongaro’s CLOD (Netherlands/ Italy) en How Town (Belgium)

Sunday 29 October – 17h00
Bobo Stenson Trio (Sweden), Sunna Gunnlaugs/Maarten Ornstein duo (Iceland/Netherlands), Rembrandt Frerichs trio ft. Verneri Pohjola (Finland) en Sylvain Rifflet (France), Snorre Kirk (Denmarken), Rogier Telderman’s Triptych (Netherlands), JazzArt Orchestra o.l.v. Martin Fondse (Netherlands/Syria)


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