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In 1968 on the 15th anniversary of Django’s death, the Samois Festival first came into being. This was a tribute to his memory organised by the so-called “Association des Amis de Samois”. A few years later the Django Reinhardt Festival Association had become a permanent fixture despite some trials and tribulations!
Those 100 volunteers, who are for the most part residents of the village of Samois, will all be hard at work serving the festival around the clock.
We were once the only ones to give its voice to gipsy jazz-music, and later relished the renewed interest it entailed as we came into the limelight.
But when the tide is on the ebb, it may seem an impossible task-it being both simple and complex-, to once again go in search of those who will give voice to Django’s music and this is where our paradox lies.

Enjoy your festival!


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