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From the legendary Dracula Club to lofty heights: the Festival da Jazz St. Moritz introduces another stage on 2450 metres above the sea.
Once more the Festival da Jazz St. Moritz can present an impressive line-up at the probably most intimate location of the international festival circuit: the legendary Dracula Club.

The Festival da Jazz – a fixed date in the tour calendar of international stars

Contrary to following ‘the bigger the better’ mantra the festival distinguishes itself by its small- scale approach. The main venue and the heart of the festival is the legendary Dracula Club, providing enough space for just 150 people. On the main stage (3,5 x 4,5m) international stars like Chick Corea, Randy Crawford, Matt Bianco and Nigel Kennedy have performed in an exclusive atmosphere. As far as the programme is concerned the Festival da Jazz St. Moritz embraces highest quality, regarding the size however, it wants to remain a boutique.

For press inquiries and accreditations please contact:
Melina Roshard at: presse@festivaldajazz.ch


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