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The orchestra was founded in 2002 for a performance in Canterbury Cathedral as part of the Canterbury Festival, conducted by international conductor and oboist, Nicholas Daniel. In 2007, the orchestra was brought together once again under conductor Anthony Halstead. The Orchestra have been privileged to work with many top Soloists, including Dame Felicity Lott, John Harle, Michael Chance, Sarah Leonard, Alison Teale and James Turnbull. The Orchestra has become renowned for presenting concerts which explore a diverse ,innovative repertoire which still maintain the crucial element of being highly enjoyable and entertaining. This outlook has led the Orchestra to perform with international Jazz musicians including Iain Ballamy (Saxophone) David Rees Williams (Piano) Ian Shaw (Voice) Paul Booth (Saxophone) and Polly Gibbons  (Voice). The Orchestra have also been involved with a wonderful project with Rock Choir and have had works composed for them, most notably by award winning composer Dario Marianelli. The Orchestra has regularly featured in the Canterbury Festival and guest conductors have included  Gordon Hunt and Stephen Barlow who now regularly conducts the Orchestra.

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