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The Portuguese Jazz Fest is a festival organized by the Association Sons da Lusofonia and the São Luiz Municipal Theatre, run by the Lisbon City Hall. This event had its first edition in 2003 and it has always been dedicated to the Portuguese jazz musicians. However, some of the groups also include foreign musicians invited by the local leaders to be part of their projects and we have international partnerships that allow us to invite international musicians to be part of Portuguese Jazz Fest. The Festa do Jazz takes place at São Luiz Theatre in Lisbon in 4 venues of this theatre. During 3 days (Friday to Sunday) there are more than 25 concerts, 2 masterclasses and also a national contest, which includes around 17 bands representing music schools, invited to participate with their best jazz combos. A late night jam-session (00h00 to 02h00) completes the program at the end of each day. The 12th edition of the Festa do Jazz took place between 4th – 6th April 2014 and was focused on internationalizing our jazz scene by inviting Jacob Sacks (USA) and Steffen Schorn (DE) to a residency in Lisbon with Portuguese musicians. We also programmed the best Portuguese Jazz musicians to be part of this Jazz celebration. Check out our previous edition here:


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