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One of the most popular night clubs in Manchester city, FAC251- The Factory, is a club spread over three floors, with plenty of rooms that all offer a different experience to the visitors. The club is open for four days a week, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all of which are packed with a range of events to keep you entertained.
The music played at the club includes everything from indie and pop to house and rock and roll. For those who want something new, there are regular live band shows as well. No matter how you like to party, you are bound to find something fun at FAC251.
A popular night club in the city of Manchester, FAC251 – The Factory was reopened with this new name in 2010 and has since become one of the favourite spots for locals and tourists to go clubbing. The club covers three floors and has various, spacious rooms that are dimly lit and large enough so that a considerable number of people can dance their heart out with ease. However, it is definitely not a super club; the way it is set out makes the space quite intimate. Each floor and each room offers a different experience, so you have plenty of options to decide how you want to have fun.
The club is open four days a week, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The whole time that the club is open it is packed with different events with all kinds of music, everything from pop, indie, rock and roll to house, funk and dub music is played to keep the people on their feet. There are regular live shows as well to give the audience something new and exciting.
FAC251 is especially popular with the younger crowd, particularly students, due to its nice, welcoming atmosphere and regular offers. Make sure you arrive at the club early enough to avoid the long wait you’ll have to suffer through otherwise.
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