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Born on 26 / May / 2005 FAB’S started off as a little hideaway. Located in the heart of the city, a top La Spaghettata, this hidden gem has rapidly become one of Durham’s favourite clubs. Its intimate dancefloor, classic cocktails and edgy culture have made it the perfect setting for students and locals alike.

Boasting a mix of live DJs and live bands, the atmosphere can be anything from chilled and stylish to packed and energetic, depending on your tastes. From student nights throughout the week to the myriad mix of the weekend crowd, Fabio’s offers something for everyone.

Central to FAB’S success is its community. FAB’S is now Durham’s only nightlife collective, and it aims to connect their community through music. Good people dancing to good music.

Fabio’s bar opened up on May 26th 2005, it started off as a little hideaway at 66 saddler street and now has become one of Durham’s favourite drinking areas. Located above La Spaghettata, its luxurious leather sofas, stylish bar and mezzanine overlooking the wide open dance floor have become the setting of many a memorable night for students and locals alike. 

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