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The part of grace is essential in cultural adventures, if we want that they have this unique scent which distinguish them from the manufacture of the “products” in cultural industry, according to Philippe Méziat, a smart columnist in the jazz world. All styles included, music festivals appeared at the beginning of the 1980s, for example Europajazz, Jazz in Marciac, Les Transmusicales, Musiques Métisses, or slightly later Art Rock, Les Francofolies, Jazz sous les pommiers, Les Vieilles Charrues, and could seem innocent and extravagant fancies. However, they had in common that they didn’t come from design offices but on the contrary that they have grown around the necessarily plural and acknowledged desire that their creators could have of it. Infatuation without future ? Anyway, at Europa, almost 40 years later, the magic of madness is still operating. Perhaps that everything is there, in this “soft madness”, this “grace”, in this “desire”. Everything is there, in this convivial will to share and to teach which takes us for almost four decades with this virtually incongruous idea today that it is better to make share our passion with everybody than to be home, sitting next to a warm fire, listening to antique vinyls of John Coltrane or Ornett Coleman (however let us listen to “Ascension” or to “Free Jazz” again). While we are still led today by the taste of all kinds of jazz, our sole credo since the end of the seventies has been to surprise you and entertain you! Have a good festival !


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