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Comprising Emily Francis on piano/keys, bassist Trevor Boxall, and drummer Jamie Murray, the band’s music reflects an eclectic mix of late 60s/70s electronic jazz, progressive rock and pop, Scandinavian jazz, and artists from the current New York scene. 

Formed in 2014, EFT is one of the hottest young acts on the UK jazz scene. Their debut album, 2015’s The Absent, established their fresh take on the piano trio format, creating a sound with a strong emphasis on melody and groove, resulting in compositionally rich, original music. 
In 2016, they released a video EP project, New Town, with funding from Arts Council England. This was followed in late 2019/early 2020, with two video singles, Escape From The Echo Chamber and Broken Kingdom Pt 1. 
Their latest release, LUMA, features nine original tracks, fusing jazz with psychedelia, electro, and prog rock influences. Sonically and compositionally, it is the band’s most accomplished release to date. The enlisting of mix engineer and producer, Jason Kingsland (FORQ, Tim Lefebvre, Donny McCaslin, Kaiser Chiefs), has taken their music to dizzying new heights with a soundscape that encompasses so much more than their core of
keyboard, bass, and drums. 
LUMA, derived from luminescence, represents the brightness within an image. LUMA explores the personal journey through life and the idea that one’s own sources of light – inspiration, knowledge, imagination – can help overcome the challenges we all face. If allowed to thrive, the brightness within us can be a source of joy and creativity. 
LUMA is a personal reflection but, like any album, is not created in a vacuum. The effects of what has been happening in the world – with the pandemic, climate change, political and social discord, the negative aspects of technology and social media – all have a bearing on our own lives and personal challenges. It has never been more important, therefore, to turn up the brightness where we can in a positive way.
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Keyboardist Emily Francis' new trio album LUMA is a thing of rare beauty...
Nick Hasted, Jazzwise

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Emily Francis Trio
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Emily Francis Trio
Escape from the Echo Chamber
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Emily Francis Trio
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