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For the sixth time now, Džjezz attracts top foreign and Slovenian performers to the city of Celje and introduces the format of a compact festival with a broad outlook, which brings together jazz musicians of the most versatile profiles. Its aim is to establish Celje as one of the major Slovenian jazz centres.

The core concerts will take place in the evenings in the Lapidarium at the Savinja river bank. The promotional concert a week before the festival will be free of charge and it will take place in the square in front of the Metropol City Cinema, where we have organized a cycle of jazz music called Džjezz do it! in the last two seasons.

This year we have once again invited excellent jazz virtuosos from Slovenia and abroad, while an additional source of enjoyment will be provided by jam sessions jointly named the Open Stage. Thank you for being with us and supporting our efforts to make the princely town whirl with urban creativity.


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