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My journey of sound and electronics began at a very early age. My parents had become fed up of me taking apart all the toys that made noises, so at the age of eight, they marched me into our town’s Tandy electronic shop and asked them if they could teach me how to put them back together again! A year later, I could etch PCB’s and I had made a simple Stylophone type synthesizer. The Stylophone was originally made by Dubreq (and were the inspiration for the name of my studio) and are now available to buy here: http://www.stylophone.com/

I had also been raised on a steady diet of The Beatles, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath. This combined with discovering John Peel meant that I was set on a path where electronics and music have collided ever since. First I bought a tape Portastudio to record my friends’ bands and this was swiftly followed by a guitar, a set of my homemade effects pedals and a copy of ‘Isn’t Anything’ by My Bloody Valentine.
After my Electronics degree at Warwick University, I started building up my collection of recording equipment, funded by production jobs for bands and working in a record store. I eventually ended up in Derby working as a DJ and promoter at The Loft. Here, myself and my colleagues formed relationships with fledgling labels Domino and Chemikal Underground booking acts such as Mogwai, Arab Strap, The Delgados, The Pastels, Idlewild, China Drum, Pitchshifter and countless others.
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