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Rector’s Welcome

It is a joy to welcome you to Dorchester Abbey – a place of prayer and pilgrimage for many centuries.
The Christian message has been spread from Dorchester’s Saxon cathedral, from its medieval monastic Abbey and from today’s Parish Church, all combined in this beautiful building, over a period of almost fourteen hundred years.
Since the foundation of the first Christian church building on this site in the ‘Dark Ages’, mission and welcome have been at the heart of this community, and these twin priorities remain at the centre of our life today. We do this through our interaction with the local community and through our links with the charities of this country and abroad, particularly in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho. Welcome and relationship come together in the wide range of events and activities that take place in the Abbey throughout the year. Underlying all that we do is our aspiration to be a church that welcomes everyone and offers each person the opportunity to engage with their faith and our heritage.
This inspiring medieval church has been built, adapted and celebrated by men and women using their God given gifts. The spirit of Dorchester Abbey has been forged over the centuries by the prayers of saints, pilgrims and parishioners and continues to be so.
I welcome you most warmly and hope that you will be blessed by your visit.

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