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Diane toured the US and Canada, extensively, as a featured singer. In 2006 she took her first high-dive into songwriting and mid-air knew she was ready to write and sing her own songs. Her music is influenced by our constantly changing world. “Where we go from where we’ve been is what’s exciting and potent,” says Diane, and each new CD is a natural progression of writing and performance. 

“It’s all about building on a firm foundation of jazz learned from working with several great talents, and years of interpreting the good music of others. I strive now to combine an appreciation and integration of what was with what is happening at this time in the music of the world and writing/performing in a way I hope takes it all forward. I write lyrical short stories in smart composition structures recording with fine musicians and production experts. Moving forward the concentration is licensing and  publishing book of my original songs..”

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Such maturity and depth in her writing, with each offering on this brilliant CD (More Than One Ingredient) sounding like a standard but with an extra large portion of freshness, and that ain’t easy.
Brian Soundy, “Jazz in the 21st Century”, UK Jazz Radio
She has huge respect for the tradition of jazz mixed with an appreciation of what is currently happening with music from all parts of the world.
Hedonist Breakfast Show, TNGC Radio host, Michael Linney
I'm telling you, you gotta listen to the lyrics on this album (Serve with Straw). I wore out the repeat button.
Glenn 'Jo Khool' Bunn, WJKR 104.3 FM radio, Rochester, NY

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