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Cultuurcentrum Strombeek (CcS for short) brings a diverse, extensive and varied cultural offer to a wide audience, and stimulates people in their creative development.

CcS permanently keeps in touch with the world of the public and artists; the supply is constantly changing, responding to current trends, and has an eye for new talent. The selection of CcS is a quality brand and stands for deepening.

CcS wants to touch, move and touch the visitors. CcS searches for something that shows or brings something different than the everyday, or that illuminates the everyday in a different way. CcS starts from the quality principle of a well-thought-out, and community-based culture program.

CcS presents great things besides small, fragile creations. CcS seeks added value in what it offers, convinced of the importance of cultural experience and its impact on the individual and our society.

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by creators for creators and their audience - music community at its core